Welcome to ComSolutions!

We are a reliable partner that solves your network and telecommunication problems. You are not willing to wait any longer in the hotlines of your provider, or you are looking for good value solutions for you business communication and your network? We provide personal consulting and service. There is no call center, every customer has his personal contact person. Focus on your daily business and enjoy premium-service. We treat every customer remarkable.

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How much does our service cost? For your business, we wont charge any more than the usual contract fees from your provider. For network, system or web solutions we will send you an individual offer corresponding to your personal requirements. Due to the different wants and needs of every customer we cannot determine standard rates.  

Our partners:

PCWEB Ing. Wolfgang Schinnerl


„Comsolutions“ looks back on a long lasting cooperation with „PCWEB“. Both companies supervise shared customers and complete each other with their specific know-how.


Tele2 Business


TELE2 provides innovative products and services for every kind of company.




Hostprofis ISP convince its costumers with top service and products. The company completes the offer of „Comsolutions“ and in this way provides optimal communication solutions for you.


Qualität in der Praxis


Forget the time-consoming administration and use your valuable time for your core business. Reenergize at your gained leisure time!